Communicating For Real Results


1-day and 2-day Training tailored to your organization’s needs

Typically, when faced with a “people problem,” we tend to rely upon familiar and habitual communication methods that often do not resolve the problem and sometimes result in a power struggle.

Through accessing their playfulness, participants are encouraged to improvise on-the-spot in simulated situations, taking risks and exploring unknown aspects of one’s own thinking. By breaking conventional logic and using their imaginations participants expand their own limits and explore other dimensions of their selves.

This is 20-hour workshop is based on improvisational techniques, theatrical games and communication analysis.

This program focuses on the following dimensions of communication:

  • Listening to “the music behind the words”
  • Developing “win-win” relations to achieve results
  • Bringing out the best in people
  • Understanding power dynamics in relationships
  • Promoting the ability to work as a whole team

As a result of this program people will be able to:

  • reduce stress and inner tension
  • release hidden creativity
  • increase effectiveness in communication

Note: this workshop may be taken either alone or in conjunction with the tutorial “Deciphering Communication” available on CD-ROM.