Chinese RfG Certificate Program (C-RfG)


During 2022, at the initiative of Jing Zhao, a CIIS-trained Drama Therapist of ethnic Chinese origin, a collaboration with Dr. Dan Wiener resulted in the creation and implementation of the first Chinese RfG Certificate program, instructed by Dr. Dan Wiener in English with consecutive translation into Mandarin.

The aim of this program is to make RfG available within Chinese society, with the eventual goal of training Chinese RfG instructors who can carry on this work independently.

This 60-hr. program, conducted via internet using the Zoom platform, trained 27 Chinese students from diverse professional backgrounds. In addition to attending the 20 three-hour online classes, students practice what they learn in class by meeting via the internet for an hour per week in small practice groups.

In 2023, two more Chinese RfG Certificate program class sections were taught to a total of 54 students. The teaching faculty consisted of Dr. Dan Wiener as supervising teacher and three RfG-Certified Trainers as instructors: Mark Beauregard, LCAT; Margot Escott, LICSW and Maureen (Mo) Sand, LMFT.

Currently, in 2024, an Advanced RfG Training Program is underway with 17 students who are graduates of the Certificate program. This is a hybrid program, taught both over the Zoom platform by Dr. Dan Wiener and in-person by RfG-Certified Trainer Jing Zhao.  A 4th cohort of 15 students is also being trained as a hybrid class: the first 24 hrs over Zoom by Dr. Wiener, Mark Beauregard, and Margot Escott; the remaining 36 hrs as an intensive in-person training taught by Jing Zhao, with Dr. Wiener’s remote consultation.

The RfG Chinese-language website can be found at