Rehearsals For Growth (RfG) is a novel method of psychotherapy and education which uses techniques from theater improvisation to achieve individual and interpersonal growth. RfG facilitates change by playfully exploring alternative roles.

RfG techniques are rapid and effective ways of facilitating:

  1. interpersonal relationship skills
  2. uses of imagination, play and fantasy
  3. role training
  4. risk-taking.

The RfG website exists to further the use of this specific action approach by making available information, products, and services both to mental health professionals and laypersons.

This website is also intended to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas that promote the greater and more skillful use of action methods in psychotherapy.

RfG as therapy

Although RfG techniques have been used successfully as part of a variety of psychotherapies, RfG is not itself a complete therapy; it is one of a number of action approaches used in psychotherapy. Action methods provide all participants with immediate, vivid learning experiences and also reach those who do not respond well to talk-only therapy.

Instead of viewing therapy as a way of discovering “who you are,” Rehearsals for Growth (RfG) is a therapeutic form that uses theater improvisation to explore and expand the limits of “who else you can be” while maintaining an awareness of play and pretense in the moment. RfG stretches and playfully challenges patterns of intra- and interpersonal stuckness.

RfG applies improvisational theater games and exercises to:

  1. social skills training and development
  2. assessment of psychosocial skills
  3. counseling and psychotherapy
  4. enhanced learning and teaching
  5. personal growth and adventure

To date, RfG developed and tested over 200 games and exercises which have been successfully applied in the areas of:

  1. overcoming shyness; improving personal skills in diverse populations; organizational teambuilding
  2. assessing interpersonal relationships in: marriages, friendships, families, business organizations; assessing psychosocial skills in psychotherapy clients
  3. counseling and psychotherapy with: individuals, couples, groups and families
  4. accelerated learning and enhanced participation for students in classroom settings
  5. enhancing: use of imagination, creativity, taking social risks and FUN! for all sorts of people

RfG training enhances the growth of the Self-of-the Therapist by:

  • Expanding your own emotional range
  • Heightening trust of your intuition
  • Applying assessment skills using nonverbal cues
  • Increased your access to playfulness
  • Improving your emotional self-awareness
  • Decreasing your fear of making mistakes
  • Creating that “feel safe” environment necessary for your clients to take risks for growth