How We Connect for Singles


1-day Playshop

This playshop for individuals will help you:

  • Enhance social confidence
  • Increase cooperation
  • Expand emotional range
  • Develop intimacy.

The protective shells which adults develop feel safe but limit growth. Often, we hope that a new relationship will fulfill our needs without much affecting us in the process. Yet, connecting to others always brings unpredictability and challenge into our lives. To best venture beyond these shells, expand emotional range and increase choice of response, we need a safe place to rediscover our vitality, passion and creativity.

Designed by Daniel J. Wiener, family psychologist, Rehearsals! for Growth is a unique combination of therapy and Improvisational Theater to explore playfulness, spontaneity, danger and discovery.

The Rehearsals! for Growth approach to How We Connect both teaches participants relationship skills and heightens awareness of underlying relationship habits, goals, styles and tactics. We do this by action exercises in which all may playfully (and safely) explore:

  • Cooperating in new ways
  • Learning how we use status (power) transactions
  • Supporting your partner to look good
  • Co-creating shared adventures
  • Broadening emotional expression

Psychological safety is a major feature of Rehearsals! for Growth workshops. During most of the workshop, participants work in pairs with different partners, doing exercises that are described beforehand, with the equally respected options of watching or participating. IT SHOULD BE EMPHASIZED that this workshop is NOT a form of group therapy. The exercises used do not involve disclosing personal information nor are participants’ performances analyzed.