Reinventing Relationships

1-day and 2-day Playshops

This couples’ playshop will help you and your partner:

  • Resolve conflicts
  • Broaden your emotional expression
  • Try out various power positions to open fresh possibilities of exchange
  • Validate and include your partner
  • Share the adventures of mutual growth. At the beginning of playshops for couples, each couple spends a few minutes alone agreeing on which features of their lives to keep private, allowing for focus on the rest of their relationship.

Relationships are enhanced by each partner’s willingness and ability to suspend occasionally the rules of ordinary social reality. This we call:


In this workshop we will playfully (and safely) explore:

  • cooperation and interdependency
  • use of status (power) transactions
  • awareness of body language
  • freeing the creative imagination
  • co-creating shared adventures

both with one’s partner and with the workshop group. While the exercises require no additional verbal insights some time will be left for discussion throughout the workshop.