Beyond Talk Therapy!

Weekend Workshop for Mental Health Practitioners


Molly Scott, EdD., LMHC & Daniel J. Wiener, PhD., RDT-BCT

Commentator Assistants

Jami Osborne, LMHC, RDT/BCT & Beth Fairservis, MPC

Dates:  Saturday & Sunday, October 5-6, 2019
9:00am–5:30pm each day

Location: Creative Resonance Sanctuary Studio,
140 Pine Street, Florence, MA

Join us for this extraordinary learning/growing experience!

This work/playshop is an opportunity to explore the emerging edges of therapeutic treatment with two Master therapists, each of whom has developed a distinctive, playful, action approach to psychotherapy. Drawing on tested techniques from their approaches, this highly experiential workshop supportively challenges participants to stretch their use of Self through embodied voice and dramatic improvisational activities that can be usefully applied to working with clients. Throughout the workshop, the presenters will be interactively engaged with the group in co-creating new possibilities arising from the intersection of both presenter’s work.  Our work/play will be framed through the conceptual lens of various therapeutic models from Polyvagal theory, Family Systems, body-oriented psychology, and mindfulness practice.

These trainings are eligible for Drama Therapy, Psychodrama and Massachusetts LMHC  CE credit. More information is available upon request.

The Two Foundational Approaches


Rehearsals! for Growth™, (RfG) was founded by Dr. Daniel Wiener in 1984 as a novel method of psychotherapy and education using techniques from theater improvisation to achieve individual and interpersonal growth. A distinctive Drama Therapy of relationships, RfG facilitates change by playfully exploring alternative roles through dramatic enactment, providing vivid, immediate experiences appropriate for all populations, including those who do not respond well to talk-only methods.

Creative Resonance training, CRT, is derived from Dr. Molly Scott’s professional experience in performance and practice and her clinical work in Europe with cross generational trauma survivors from the World Wars.
Deep Story CRT focuses on the powerful vibrational medium of the body-voice and provides tuned therapeutic skills, enhanced understanding and change experience for people in the healing professions wanting to enhance connection with themselves and others. These practices cultivate heightened awareness and increased agency at personal and professional levels through sound, movement, silence, and mindfulness.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create the “feel safe” environment necessary for your clients to take risks for growth
  • Access spontaneity through improvisation
  • Stretch emotional range through non-language vocal sounding
  • Cultivate empathy and interpersonal” tuning
  • Promote attentiveness and validation both of self and others
  • Apply assessment skills using non-verbal cues
  • Increase your own vitality, passion, and creativity!


Daniel J. Wiener, Ph.D., LMFT, RDT-BCT: Professor Emeritus, Central Connecticut State University; licensed psychologist, Diplomate in Family Psychology, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, Registered  Drama Therapist and Board-Certified Trainer. He founded Rehearsals! for GrowthTM  in 1984, is widely published and has trained over 2000 therapists in nine countries.

Molly Scott, Ed.D, LMHC: singer, psychologist, award winning poet, and educator is a pioneer in the field of sound therapy and creator of the Deep Story treatment for trauma which she has presented internationally. Her early career in television, theater, and film informs her Creative Resonance trainings. Dr. Scott has taught at the university level and maintains a counseling and consulting practice in Florence, MA.

Assistant Faculty

Jami Osborne, LMHC, RDT-BCT: is an expressive and drama therapist, certified RfG trainer,  with wide experience in mind/body energy approaches, including EMDR.


Beth Fairservis, MPC, is  a Buddhist pastoral counselor, performance artist and climate activist with a rich background in  puppetry and social justice street theater.


Workshop Eligibility Requirements 

Participants must have an undergraduate degree and either:

  1. A graduate degree from a recognized program in psychiatry, psychology, social work, psychiatric nursing, pastoral counseling, occupational therapy, professional counseling, expressive arts therapy or marriage and family therapy. or
  2. Be enrolled in an accredited program leading to the awarding of such a graduate degree. Typically, participants will have had some professional work experience in a clinical capacity. or
  3. Persons without this academic training who present extensive or unusual related training will be considered.

Fees & Tuition

Status Before 9/5 After 9/5
Professional $350 $375
Student $250 $275
2 Day Professional
2019 Beyond Talk Therapy - 2 Days
Before 9/5/19
2 Day Student
2019 Beyond Talk Therapy - 2 Days
Before 9/5/19



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