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RfG Practice & Support Group

It can get perplexing, discouraging and even lonely to be completely on one’s own when working with new therapy techniques, such as Rehearsals for Growth (RfG). Learning and improving one’s practice of Action Methods in Psychotherapy is helped considerably by having professional AND social contact with other practitioners who are also working to develop their competence and confidence. Complete details here.

RfG Certified Trainer Program

The Rehearsals for Growth Certified Trainer (RfG-CT) Program is intended for selected, already-trained RfG-CP Therapists wishing to lead RfG workshops for clinicians. Candidates who are in the RfG-CT Program and are co-leading RfG-CP workshops as part of their training are designated as “RfG Trainer Candidates.”

Congratulations to both Jami Osborne, MA, LMHC, RDT/BCT, RfG-CP and Maureen Sand, MSMFT, RfG-CP who completed the RfG-CT Program In June, 2014!

DVD – Rehearsals for Growth: Couple Therapy

Based on a recently published case, this teaching tape, featuring Dr. Daniel Wiener as the therapist, demonstrates the course of RfG Couple Therapy over three sessions. In addition to a brief interview of Dr. Wiener by Professor Charlotte Ramseur, the case features several examples of RfG methods, interspersed with Dr. Wiener’s observations of the couple’s dynamics and the rationale for therapeutic choices. (DVD, 103 minutes)

Here is a four-minute excerpt:

The 2011 RfG Conference

From November 11–13, 2011, the first Rehearsals for Growth Conference, “Growth of the Action Therapist”, was held and attended by 17 participants in East Hartford, CT. The following play/workshops were offered:

  • “25 Years of RfG”
  • “Taking the Playfulness Challenge”
  • w. Ramseur, C. “Accepting and Blocking Offers”
  • “Assessing and Expanding Emotional Range”
  • “Freeing the Imagination: Beyond Self-Censorship”
  • w. Ciriani, D. D. “RfG Storymaking: Narrative in Action”
  • “Status: The Importance of Importance”
  • “RfG in Practice: Clinical Consultation”

The 2013 RfG Conference

On March 2 & 3, 2013, the second Rehearsals for Growth Conference, “Clinical Applications for Relationship Therapy“, was held and attended by 17 participants in the Greater Hartford Area, CT. The following play/workshops were offered:

  • “Are you ready to Play?”
  • “Accepting and Blocking Offers: Attending to all dimensions”
  • “Fundamentals of Directing RfG Enactments”
  • “Assessing, Timing and Selecting the Offering of RfG Techniques”
  • “Directing RfG Enactments: Reading Client Feedback”
  • “Status: The Importance of Importance”
  • “Dealing with the Unexpected”
  • “Directing RfG Enactments: Creating Displacement Scenes”
  • “RfG in practice: Clinical Consultation”

Read David Miller’s reflections on attending the workshop

Academic Teaching of Action Approaches in Therapy

  • “Action Methods in Family Therapy,” a required course developed by Dr. Dan Wiener for the Central Connecticut State University MFT Program (New Britain, CT), continues to be offered there every Spring and Summer Semester.
  • “RfG – A Drama Therapy of Relationships,” a workshop offered by Dr. Dan Wiener as part of Omega Transpersonal Theater’s Drama Therapy Alternate Track Program (Boston, MA)

Recent Publications

Coming January, 2017: Wiener, D. J. Rehearsals for Growth Collected Papers, Volume II, 2005-2016.

Wiener, D. J. (2016). Removing personal constraints via proxy scene enactment. Drama Therapy Review, 2, (2), 183-193.

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Wiener, D. J. (2014). Staging dramatic enactments to resolve conflicts in couples. Drama Therapy Review, 1, (1), 7-20.

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Wiener, D.J. (2013). The truth shall set you free. In S. B. Linden (Ed.) The heart and soul of psychotherapy: A transpersonal approach through theatre arts. Bloomington, IN: Trafford, 113-123.

Wiener, D.J. (2012). Assessing interpersonal functioning in couples relationships using Rehearsals for Growth. In D.R. Johnson, S. Pendzik, and S. Snow (Eds.) Assessment in Drama Therapy. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas, 308-332.

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Clinician’s Corner

This page features applications of RfG to clinical cases by RfG Certified Therapists other than Dr. Wiener.

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