Creative Resonance

Embodied Voice Therapy Training

June 7-9, 2019
Friday 7-9 pm
Saturday & Sunday 9-5:30
Creative Resonance Sanctuary Studio
140 Pine St. Florence, MA.

With master teacher, clinician
Molly Scott EdD. LMHC

“This work is like soft dynamite!” –Bonn, Germany
“Energy filled, delightful, healing.” Massachusetts
“Goes deep…simple and effective. It stays with me!” – Denmark
“…expands my awareness being with others. Fantastic exercises.” New York

We are composed of energetic frequencies as subtle as spirit, as dense as bone. The sounds we make, the sounds we are, affect us at every level. We are always tuning ourselves as instruments –consciously or not–through our vocal expressions which serve to align our inner feelings with the outer world. When we open the sound-language that lies beneath ordinary speech we can spark the flow of synthesis that changes outworn stories into new ones with widened insight, understanding, and joy.

This expressive training is designed to provide therapeutic skills, deepened understanding and change experience for people wanting to enhance connection with themselves and others through the powerful vibrational medium of the body-voice. Creative Resonance work cultivates heightened awareness and increased agency at personal and professional levels through sound, movement, silence, and mindfulness practices. Join us now for this unique opportunity to integrate sounding, science, and spirituality into a richly resonant soup of joyful inspiration and change.

No musical experience is necessary.

Bring your open minds, hearts, and voices!

Dr. Molly Scott, singer, psychologist, poet, and educator is a pioneer in the field of sound therapy and creator of the Deep Story treatment for trauma. She has a doctorate in counseling psychology, trained in family systems trauma treatment and EMDR and has presented her Creative Resonance Therapy internationally. Her early career in television, theater, and film led her as a performer/composer into social justice and peace activism. Molly Scott is an award-winning poet, recipient of the Robert Frost Foundation poetry prize and author of “Up to the Windy Gate: Poems of Grief and Grace” and has also led sounding circles at sacred sites in many parts of the world. Her recordings include “Honor the Earth,” “We Are All One Planet,” and “Sound of Light,” on the Sumitra label.

Weekend Training

Status Before 5/18/19 After 5/18/19
Professional $350 $375
Student $250 $275

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