Act Social: Improv Comedians Heal the Divide

A documentary feature film starring Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it, Anyway?) that explores the use of improv for conflict resolution.

Story Summary

In improv, everyone’s ideas have equal worth; this is what starting off on the right foot looks like.

Improvisation tools are already working in conflict resolution and mental health facilities, but on a small scale. Could they be used to heal the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or help 40 million people in the USA to get off of psychotropic drugs?

·  Republican Karl Rove performs improv with Colin Mochrie and endears himself to a room half-full with Democrats.

·  Dr. Daniel J. Wiener brings couples back from the brink of divorce using improv.

·  Bob Kulhan, author of Getting to Yes And: The Art of Business Improv, teaches 40 Senators on their annual retreat to aid in their cross-aisle reaching.

·  Brendan Fitzpatrick’s dad died in 9/11; he uses improvisation to help him overcome the tragedy.

·  Doctors help patients cure depression and social anxiety with improv techniques.

These stories and more combine to create a documentary about applied improvisation that entertains, enlightens, and offers a concrete, actionable solution to our tendency to de-humanize people with whom we disagree.

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