Rehearsals for Growth Daniel Wiener
Workshops For Mental Health Professionals


Rediscover your passion, vitality, and creativity! Through unique workshops and playshops, Rehearsals! for Growth™ helps adults deepen interpersonal skills and increase the enjoyment of relationships. Most adults develop protective shells which limit growth. Rehearsals! for Growth™ offers a safe space and fun methods to venture beyond those shells.

Currently Offered Workshops and Playshops for Mental Health Professionals

taught by Dr. Daniel J. Wiener and RfG Certified Trainers

What are playshops?

Learn while you laugh! Connecting with others always brings unpredictability and challenge into our lives.  Playshops teach interpersonal skills and heighten awareness of relationship habits, styles and tactics.  In a playshop, the relaxed and light-hearted atmosphere of learning allows for personal exploration in a safe environment.

“I recently (October, 2016) had the pleasure of attending Dr. Dan Wiener’s Rehearsals for Growth weekend workshop. To say it was a great training experience is an understatement– I have to say that it was the most meaningful professional development experience that I have ever had! While I use Improvisational theater exercises in my consulting work, the way this workshop was conducted was really amazing and helped me move outside my comfort zone. What I really think made this training so powerful is that Dr. Wiener created such a positive and safe learning environment that it really empowered me to take risks that I would not normally take. If you are looking to grow professionally and personally, you need to take this training!”

Trevor Smith B.A. M.A. M.Ed, CLL
Performance Improvement Specialist
Blue Sky Consulting